HempWorx Nashville Roadshow

HempWorx Roadshow Was a BLAST and a HALF!

Hello my name is Bryan Madison AKA CowBoyDude!  I just took one of the most amazing beneficial fun trips of my life.  HempWorx Nashville Roadshow was off the charts.  Nashville Tennessee is just an all around fun place to visit, the excitement started as soon as my feet hit the ground.  The kindness was overwhelming…. Everyone in the airport all the way to my cab driver treated me like I was someone special.  Then when I arrived at the hotel it was truly amazing to see the type of place that our company selected, the JW Marriott Downtown, totally a 5 Star facility.  And folks that right there showed me exactly what kind of company I have got myself involved in!

Making an Entrance

As I was walking around the hotel lobby just taking it all in as it is a long way from what this cowboy is use to….. its quite humbling when one of the top leaders in the company hollars out across the room, Hey CowBoyDude!  It wasn’t just a greeting it was an opportunity for me to turn around and us come together for a big old hug.  It’s times like that these and the place I was in that I realize……  when you are number one in the industry it shows by the way we represent ourselves.   The Company, the people and the roadshows that they are doing all over the United States is second to none.  That just goes to show that it is a Top Notch Company with Top Notch Owners, Top Notch Leaders and Affiliates.

The Excitement Grows at HempWorx Nashville Roadshow

As more and more people began to show up in the lobby, I started to realize that there were hundreds of people coming together and the excitement was growing and contagious.  From that moment on the entire weekend became a celebration.  It was great to finally meet some of these folks in person, face to face that already seem like family.  I felt like what I was witnessing was God’s plans all coming together right before my eyes and I knew then….. this is my calling.  I will not put a question mark where God has already put a period, I am here to stay.

Taking it to the Streets

Then We took it to the streets!!!  We were introducing CBD, educating and pre-enrolling anyone that was interested and would take a minute to listen.  Along the way we enjoyed meeting locals and listening to great music played everywhere in downtown Nashville Tennessee.  The food was fantastic, the atmosphere unbelievable and a great time was had by all.  I will tell you I haven’t walked that much FUN in the last 6 months and I wouldn’t have been able to without my CBD!

Roadshow Training

On Saturday the company offered some great training info, all the way from the start of the company, My Daily Choice to information on all the products, a complete break down of the opportunity and a bunch of success stories from some of the leaders in the company!  They will continue these Roadshow events all over the country right up to the 3rd annual convention in October 2019 at the Mirage in Las Vegas Nevada.  If you are serious about your business you cannot miss CONVENTION!

HempWorx Cannabus

So…… some of you know me and are probably wondering how this old country boy fit in?  Well it just so happens the guy that drives the HempWorx Cannabus, that hauls all the roadshow equipment, Casey Ridley is a Cowboy!  The owners are Josh and Jenna Zwagil and Josh’s lifetime friend, Chris Robinson the MC at the Roadshows is known as the Cannabis Cowboy…… so I believe I will be just fine!

Success Team Training

After the roadshow, the Success Team made Sunday a Funday.  It was the perfect opportunity for our Super Affiliate, and Super leader Barb and her family to put together a team training with Q & A.  It was an honor to be asked to speak during the team training. I got to share a little bit about myself, a lot about my passion and some of my WHY along with a couple other team leaders.  Barb personally goes the distance to do all the EXTRAS for her team, I don’t believe you can find this kind of support just anywhere, she is amazing and we are blessed by her.  You just have to know how to be a team player, when a leader throws you the ball, go after it, don’t wait, pick it up and throw it back ….complete the task they gave you, they are at the top for a reason…………….. It’s time to play ball and follow the leader.

HempWorx Nashville Roadshow Summary

To wrap up a fun filled weekend….. I was even able to share the product with the limo driver taking me to the airport and happened to have a bottle in my pocket as usual and I gifted it to him for his wife.  The entire experience got on the plane and came back with me to the ranch.  It will never be forgotten and will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

Living the Dream.

The CowBoyDude

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