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Hello! Some of you are probably wondering what in the world I am doing talking about High Life Travel. Some of you know I have never been accused of being a traveler of any kind.  However, I can see High Life Travel changing my future and broadening my horizons!  With High Life Travel, not only are the savings unbelievable, but the rewards are incredible! And so YES, I have jumped aboard to check out the many possibilities.

What is Travel Duopoly?  Simply put, all of the large travel websites are owned by two key players.

The Problem with that is, rate parity is a legal binding agreement between online travel agencies and hotels preventing price undercutting. As a result, all distribution channels have consistent rates.

The Solution…High Life Travel! You have access to amazing discounts including wholesale travel rates!
* Instead of increasing rates, we offer you savings
* Earn unbelievable reward credits
* Referral program
* My Daily Choice preferred customers

High Life Travel Memberships

Memberships are available 29$ per month or 299$ per year. When you log into your preferred customer or affiliate back office under menu, select High Life Travel. You can access the portal and search for Hotels, Cruises, Rental Cars, Flights, Vacation Homes and more at unbelievable savings! On average the savings on booking one trip alone can pay for your membership!

Reward Credits

Wow! This is a program that rewards you to go on vacation! With the  rewards program, you will earn credits each time you take a trip. In addition, with your High Life Travel membership you will be able to redeem those credits for discounts on travel, gifts and more!

High Life Travel Savings


Basically flights are flights and there are no discounted flights. However, your High Life Travel membership gives you the ability to book your flights using both cash and reward credits! And don’t forget, when you book flights with your membership YOU can earn double and even triple rewards EACH TIME you fly!


With your membership you literally have access to over 1,000,000 hotels worldwide. Plus you can do your own live comparisons on hotels with huge savings up to 70% off!

Vacation Homes

Yearly memberships offer you access to  week long stay luxury vacation homes. These are perfect if you are traveling as a family or group. You also receive excellent savings and all within the privacy of a home. What a great for a small work retreat.  Many options are available in popular locations with choices of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and some even have private yards with pools! In addition, please remember to ask about resort fees, some places have them and they are not required to disclose them in advance.


Wow! Another great advantage of being a member of High Life Travel, the savings are huge! How exciting to cruise around the world to places you have only dreamed of! With your membership you have access to all of the major cruise lines, Ocean Cruises, Package Cruises, River Cruises, Sailboats and Yachts. And once again, you will be earning those reward credits!

Excursions and Activities

Your membership gives you thousands of exotic excursions and thrilling activities to choose from, highlighting your vacation experience!

Worldwide Tours

Can you imagine how exiting a world wide tour would be! With your  membership benefits you have the opportunity to book tours that will accommodate your entire family or group and magnify your vacation experience! This includes hotel and excursions with multiple dates to choose from.

Car Rentals

Car Rentals can also be booked with your High Life Travel Membership and they can be booked the same day or in advance. There are pick up and drop off locations throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe or anywhere else you may be traveling.

Preferred Customer Program /Referral Program

The programs offered through High Life Travel are incredible!  When your preferred customers purchase any  My Daily Choice products they will receive travel credits. The travel credits can be used to book travel through your High Life Travel membership, dollar to dollar!! This allows members to earn reward credits by inviting friends and family to book their travel with huge savings! They receive a 50% savings and you receive the other 50% savings in reward credits. Members will have access to all rates for hotels, flights, cruises, car rentals, weekly stays, and luxury homes for an unforgettable vacation experience. This is a great way to stack up those reward credits.

In Summary

High Life Travels allows you to gain access to one of the most unbelievable travel savings membership portals ever heard of! Members can access regular and wholesale rates for hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, luxury homes and week long stays. Let us help you make this YOUR most unforgettable vacation yet!

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